New York City's Street Kids

Poetry and messages from the kids



photograph of Stephanie sitting on the sidewalk next to an ATM... and I remember you in the way the
wind blows cold like ice into my veins
and I can feel the hard reality of the
concrete under my head fade into an
opiate induced indifference just before
I close my eyes for one last nod ... and
you are etched in my being and in
everything that I am and in all the
moments where pain exists
... and for all of this I love you ... and
I hate you for showing me who I am
not and for showing me the oh, so
many ways to fall helplessly ...
and you were more solid than any
reality I had ever experienced
before ... you with your beautiful
concrete apathy ... like a mother of
my very own who nourished me with
lies and forgot my name from time to
time but your trains were always there
and your tunnels were there and your
womb was there and I could hide for
lifetimes and days and dream of how
you would so carelessly destroy me
and to this day when I catch a glimpse
of you in the wind my soul shivers and
I am forever reminded of home ....